Bathmate Hydromax

What Is A Water-Based Penis Pump?

In general, penis pumps are not only designed to help enlarge the penis but the main purpose of the pump is to help you get an erection and keep it in mind as 60% of men aged 35 and over suffer from erectile dysfunction. Keeping your manhood upright for a longer period will help you maintain performance in bed, of course this really helps you without having to spend a lot of money on surgery.
Most standard pumps function by creating an air pressure vacuum to drain blood to your genitals, of course you ask questions about the difference between an air pump and a hydro pump because they are basically the same to make your erection maximal, later I will discuss below

for a hydro vacuum pump, it uses water instead of air to send blood to your penis and this helps your penis to become hard and solid. Hydro pumps do not have to compress your penis in the same way as air penis pumps, but distribute the pressure more evenly and more strongly than other air pumps. Then what are the benefits of water-based pumps?
in terms of pressure, hydro pumps operate in different ways and provide hygienic and better results.

Does the Bathmate Pump Work as Well?

A Bathmate penis pump is a popular and proven male enlargement device that also treats erectile dysfunction and other penile problems. This tool has been used for this purpose for decades because of its efficiency, even today many medical use of this pump as a treatment for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, this is the best option rather than having to perform surgery or consume drugs that could have fatal consequences. side of the drug itself.

The warmth of the water soothes your penis, which then increases your muscle growth, this is the advantage of a hydro pump. The cylinder is pumped to force out all the water and allows smoother blood to flow to your members. The whole process will give you hard erections and longer, thicker virility.

What Are The Features Of The Bathmate Pump That Make It More Superior Than Other Normal Pumps?



By incorporating new materials into the mixture, we have been able to create a unique bellows system that is not only stronger and more durable, but also provides more flexibility, this will provide comfort when you use the pump.


Creating consumer comfort is the main goal of our company, so that even more perfect products will be created. The outer edge of the soft touch feels amazing on the body and the rigid inner tube provides a strong and sturdy shield around your penis from the inside of the bellows. The comfort pad is fully removable for easy cleaning and general cleaning, making it easier for you to keep your pump clean.


The clear measurement guide on the front of the device has been redesigned to include imperial measurements and metrics that give you the ability to control your penis exercises and see the results you get during training. Not only that, the addition of these accessories produces a motif that makes the pump look more elegant


Perhaps the most important change we made, and of course the most technical challenge that is actually the most important in the pump structure, is the reengineering of valves that control the flow of water out of this pumping device. By adding a new latch (or switching) to the valve, you can now close the valve to prevent water from leaking when filling that is not shared by other ordinary pumps. We have also designed a new valve to hold the pressure longer and introduce a slow release mechanism to ensure you do not get excess pressure when pumping, keep you safe at all times.


Xtreme is the first pump from our Hydropumps to incorporate into the design a removable flexible hand ball pump option.
Although you can use Xtreme as a standard Hydropump (such as series Hydro serie and Hydromax), Xtreme is his when used with a handball. The hand ball can be mounted directly to the pump valve, or through an optional flexible tube for ease of use.


Pumps with the Xtreme Series come with a series of accessories designed to help you maximize your pump from the first use to the last. From care and maintenance to helping with each exercise, this package has everything you need. This is what you can get for purchasing a hydro xtreme pump, but if you buy separately you can order at Bathmate Accessories

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